Monday, December 19, 2005

Christmas Present

The following is my Umbehr family Christmas poem for 2005.  I thought it was easier to hit the highlights of our year, rather than write a newsletter and go into detail on each event. This was an eventful year, without a doubt, with many ups and downs – which is the excuse I’m using for failing to include one of the major milestones of 2005 – Erin’s graduation from nursing school (summa cum laude)! I felt terrible about it after I realized it, although Erin never said a word.   In an attempt to make up for my oversight, I’ve included a picture taken on the day Erin graduated.   We’re so proud of you, Erin!

Merry Christmas One and All!

Some of you hear from us
Quite frequently
If my Reflections column
You do receive

But for those of you
Who feel out of the loop
This poem will provide
The Umbehr family scoop

March brought much sadness
Heartache and tears
With news that we lost
My sister Patricia, so dear

In spite of our sorrow
Life continued indeed            
And on May 14th
Keen earned his degree

The celebration was short-lived
Then the real work began
As he studied and prepared
For the bar exam

On the 1st of September
We learned the good news
He could now practice law
And charge fees for his views!

But the summer had other
Surprises in store
When Hurricane Katrina
Hit the Gulf Coast shore

Jared, Erin & boys
Lost all their possessions
Except their cars and their lives
Which was a major concession!

Josh & Lisa keep busy        
With both still in school
Lisa graduates in May
In time to sit by the pool

But that won’t last long
For the parents-to-be
That’s right – they’re expecting!
Then baby will make three!

And if that wasn’t enough,
For the proud grandparents to swallow
Jared & Erin soon announced
That their new baby would follow!

Keen II is still working
And refereeing at night
Plus he takes on-line classes
He’s so ambitious and bright

He won the 5K race
In Alma this year
And began dating Emily
In love they appear

Kirk made a big move
To a larger school nearby
Expanding his horizons
Under God’s and our watchful eye

He’s earning good grades
And joined a paintball club
But he was most excited when,
He made the basketball cut!

Now it’s time to wrap up
This warm Christmas greeting
May God bless you and keep you
Until our next meeting!          

Keen, Eileen, Jared, Erin, Asher, Gabe, Josh, Lisa, Keen II and Kirk