Saturday, October 20, 2007

Special Delivery

The term special delivery
Holds different meaning for us all
Perhaps a bouquet of flowers
Or a gift, large or small

But for the Umbehr and Kaus families
Special delivery means one thing
To give you the whole picture
Let me start at the beginning

One night some friends were over
And we were talking about life
When somehow the conversation turned
To our friend’s brother and lovely wife

They sounded like such nice people
With traits to be admired
“Do they happen to have a daughter?”
I jokingly inquired.

Much to my amazement
They answered, “Yes, and she’s a jewel.”
Then we soon discovered,
She and our son went to the same school!

Not too long thereafter,
Josh and Lisa met each other
And Lisa said, “I think my aunt’s
Been talking to your mother!”

They soon became a couple
Before long they were in love
In the picture from their prom
A beam of sunlight shone from above

The bond continued to strengthen
Well past graduation
Faith, Love and Commitment
Became their firm foundation

Josh and Lisa found in each other
Kindred spirits and kindred souls
And four years later, just like clockwork
They both met their individual goals

After earning their degrees
Wedding bells were heard
Fr. Keith made it official
For these two very special love birds

Not wanting to waste a minute
They pressed on for better or worse
Each supporting one another’s dreams
Josh a doctor, Lisa a nurse

But before that would happen
Another dream came true
When their firstborn daughter Katelyn arrived
On the 7th day of June

Lisa’s mom and I were privileged
To be present at her birth
Oh what a gift she gave us
A gift of priceless worth

I remember when we were leaving
I gave Lisa a hug and a kiss
“She’s going to be such a blessing,” I said.
Lisa said, “She already is.”

No truer words were ever spoken
Katelyn Seraphina is a treasure
Yes God’s very Special Delivery
Is a blessing beyond measure

Katelyn & Daddy at the Wichita Buddy Walk, October, 2007

Now the next chapter of their lives
Is just about to be written
As the family grows from three to four
And we all once again become smitten!

Written October 8, 2007
Lisa’s 27th Birthday

Josh, Lisa & Katelyn (pulling Mommy's hair!)