Thursday, August 07, 2003

The Wedding

“…and as the bridegroom rejoices over the bride, so shall your God rejoice over you.”
~ Isaiah 62:5

This has been a whirlwind couple of weeks for our family. As you know, our son Josh married the love of his life, Lisa Marie Kaus, on Saturday, July 19th. The wedding was simply wonderful from beginning to end. We are still savoring the priceless memories from that very special day. Lisa was a beautiful, elegant bride and Josh looked so handsome in his tuxedo. His eyes welled up with tears when he saw Lisa – a vision in white walking down the isle towards him.

Fr. Keith from St. Isadore’s gave a very touching sermon that was very personal to Josh & Lisa. They both just adore him, and he is also very fond of them, so their mutual admiration came across throughout the ceremony. When Fr. Keith talked about the “miracle of Lisa” and “the miracle of Josh” and how their meeting and marriage was another miracle, Keen and I both had tears in our eyes, and I’m sure Lisa’s parents, Gary & Linda did, too. But the time I cried the most was when Josh and Lisa gave their grandparents and parents a hug during the sign of peace portion of the Mass. Lisa has always called me Eileen, but when she gave me a hug she said, “Peace be with you….Mom.”

The reception was held at the Houston Street Ballroom. Complete Music did an excellent job leading the crowd in song and dance. The big surprise of the evening came when Josh and three of his groomsmen donned costumes and performed the YMCA song. One of the most touching moments was when Lisa danced with her dad and Josh danced with me to Trace Adkin’s new song, “Then they do.” It’s a song about how when our children are small we don’t think they’ll ever grow up….and then they do.

I tried to find a copy of this other song by Gary Allan, but it’s so new it’s not available in stores yet. It’s called “Tough Little Boys.”

Well I know one day, I’ll give you away
And I’m gonna stand there and smile
But when I get home and I’m all alone
I’ll sit in your room for a while…

When tough little boys grow up to be dads
They turn into big babies again

I thought that would’ve been the perfect song for Lisa’s dad since he had a pretty hard time with the idea of his little girl getting married. But when someone asked him how he was feeling at the rehearsal dinner he said, “The way I see it, I’m not losing a daughter, I’m gaining a son.” Josh is very blessed to be marrying into such a loving and supportive family.

One of the highlights of the reception came when Josh and Lisa surprised both of their parents with a separate cake (a smaller version of their cake that Lisa’s aunt made) to commemorate our 25th wedding anniversaries. Gary & Linda celebrated their 25th on April 15 (coincidentally, that’s Josh’s birthday), and Keen and I celebrated ours on June 10th. Then they had a 5x7 framed picture of each of us on our wedding day. We cut the cake and fed it to each other and crossed arms while we drank from our wine glasses. I was so overwhelmed by their thoughtfulness. I turned to Linda and said, “Can you believe these two? This is their special day and they’re sharing it with us. They’re just too good to be true.”

But the most touching moment of the entire day came during one of the final dances of the evening. Josh and Lisa started out dancing together, but someone came up to talk to Josh so Lisa joined her Mom and Dad and the three of them danced together. I could hardly contain myself from crying at the tender scene of Gary with one arm around his wife and the other arm around his daughter. Both of them were leaning on his chest and they all had their eyes closed as they swayed slowly to the music. The song playing in the background was:

We've got tonight
Who needs tomorrow?
Let's make it last
Let’s find a way
Come take my hand now
We've got tonight
Why don't you stay?

It seemed as though they were just clinging to one another as they cherished one last precious moment together before they had to say goodbye. It was a beautiful sight that I will never forget as long as I live.

I’d like to close this week’s article with a prayer that was published in the Topeka Capital-Journal on June 15, 2002. It was written by Alma Weber of Topeka. This is not only my prayer for Josh and Lisa, but for each of you as well.

“May your path be bright and full of light everywhere you go. May God tell darkness that it must flee at your command. And may your feet never stumble out of God’s plan. May the desires of your heart come true, and may you, this day, experience peace in everything you do. May goodness, kindness and mercy come your way, and may you gain wisdom and grow in the Lord this day. May God bless you with unspeakable joy, not only in the world to come, but also on this very day. May God touch my life this day to care and bless all those who come my way and may I touch all with a gentle heart and healing hand. Lord, may this day be a blessed one. Amen.”

The Wedding